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Senior Living Therapy

As you reach a certain age, you may find that you are not able to complete everyday tasks quite like you used to. This is why many people consider the option of assisted living. Though beneficial, traditional assisted living often requires moving into a facility full-time. This is a move that many people are hesitant to go through with. For those looking for a comfortable, and convenient way to remain at their own residence, while still enjoying the benefits of assisted living, senior living therapy may be the right fit for you. We know how difficult it can be to ask for help, or to change your living arrangements in order to receive the care you need. That is why, if you are looking for an alternative to standard assisted living, Luxury Home Care offers senior living therapy near Oak Hill, Nashville, and Murfreesboro, TN at your own residence.

Types of Senior Living Therapies With In Home Care

The forms of therapy that we offer to those seeking in-home care, are the same as those provided by traditional assisted living facilities. The benefit of our services, however, is our medical professionals will perform the needed therapy at your residence. The following are the types of home-based therapies we provide to our clients:

Physical Therapy

The types of services provided by a physical therapist primarily involve assisting clients with movement and strength related issues. These issues are commonly found within the legs, arms, and other muscles. For example, if a person is having difficulty walking without assistance, a physical therapist will have them undergo a treatment plan relating to re-gaining the strength of muscles in their legs. The overall goal of physical therapy is to ensure that seniors can continue their everyday lives without having difficulty moving.

Occupational Therapy

Similar to physical therapy, occupational therapy also involves improving the ease of body movement. However, while physical therapy is focused on improving the movement of larger muscles, occupational therapy is designed to assist with smaller movements in the wrists, hands, or fingers. Typically, patients who need occupational therapy are often recovering from a stroke, or experience arthritic pain. When undergoing occupational therapy, clients often learn different ways to approach everyday activities so they can continue their lives as normal, despite their condition.

Speech And Language Therapy

This form of therapy is designed to help those who are struggling with any form of oral issue. These issues may involve having trouble speaking, eating, or any other general difficulty involving one’s mouth. Typically, a person will see a speech and language therapist if they are recovering from a stroke, or any other disorder that impacts a person’s ability to speak, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

Respiratory Therapy

The importance of this type of therapy among senior clients, can not be emphasized enough. To prevent and alleviate troubles with breathing, professionals who specialize in this form of therapy use special massaging techniques, designed to clear breathing passages. It is important for seniors to know that even breathing troubles caused by a cold can rapidly transform from harmless, into a serious illness. If you or a loved one are having trouble breathing, undergoing respiratory therapy is highly recommended. 

How Senior Living Therapy Is Helpful 


As mentioned previously, there are a significant number of benefits to home-based senior living therapy. The primary benefit is that it is much more convenient. In some cases where therapy is needed, basic movements such as getting up out of bed can be incredibly painful. Through having our therapists come to you, the amount of movement can be minimized, thus decreasing the pain you may experience.

As a result of the difficulties one may experience with basic movements, having to commute to a facility or treatment center in order to receive the care they need can be both inconvenient, and taxing on a person’s body. To avoid these potential struggles, undergoing the treatment you need at your own home through senior living therapy may be the right fit for you.


Additionally, there is also the added benefit of being able to meet with a therapist at a comfortable location. Having to move to an assisted living facility, though a reliable option, may take some time to get used to. Receiving therapy services in a familiar setting, like your own home, can help to reduce anxiety levels. As a result of these decreased levels of anxiety, a client who may be avoiding receiving the care they need, could be more willing to go through with treatment at their own home, rather than in a clinical setting.

Furthermore, receiving the care you need at your own home gives you more control over your environment.  This control allows you to work with your therapist to designate and create a space at your residence where you are comfortable undergoing the treatment you need during your recovery process.

Overall, we are dedicated to not only improving the health and well-being of our senior clients, but also to boosting the confidence levels of those same clients when they need it most. For all of these reasons, senior living therapy in Nashville, TN is the right choice for you or your loved ones. 

Senior Living Therapy in Nashville, TN

If you are searching for senior living therapy in Nashville, TN, Luxury Home Care is here to offer assistance. Our therapy services are designed to meet your mental and physical health needs. We prioritize making the transition to assisted living as easy, and comfortable as possible. This is why we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality home-based therapy services available in the Nashville area. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you will be in the hands of expert medical professionals who are dedicated to helping you feel healthy and happy. For more information about our offerings of senior living therapy in Nashville, TN, as well as if home-based senior living therapy is the right fit for your needs, contact us today. 

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