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Outpatient Therapy

When a person has decided that their loved one requires senior therapy, the next decision to make is which type of care is most appropriate: residential senior therapy or outpatient senior therapy. Most residential senior therapy offerings feature a host of different activities and approaches. However, outpatient senior therapy near Oak Hill, Nashville and Murfreesboro offers its own benefits, all without the financial and emotional strain of transitioning your loved one to a new residence.

Luxury Home Care offers an intensive outpatient senior therapy program designed to meet the unique needs of adults aged 65 and older. This therapy program provides the individualized care and attention your loved one may need with far more flexibility than residential therapy. Read on to learn more about outpatient senior therapy in Nashville.

What Are Our Outpatient Senior Therapy Nashville Programs?

The therapies offered under Luxury Home Care’s outpatient senior therapy programs are similar to those offered by traditional assisted living facilities. Luxury Home Care provides the following programs as part of its outpatient senior therapy in Nashville:

Physical Therapy

The types of services provided by a physical therapist primarily involve assisting clients with movement and strength-related issues. The goal of physical therapy is to ensure that seniors can continue their everyday lives with less difficulty.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy involves easing movement of the body. Those who require occupational therapy are often recovering from stroke or else experiencing severe symptoms of arthritis. Part of occupational therapy entails educating clients about the different approaches to specific, everyday activities, so they can continue enjoying a high quality of life.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy helps those living with oral issues, including difficulty speaking and eating. Often, a senior will attend an outpatient speech and language therapy program if they are recovering from stroke or other disorder that impacts their ability to speak or eat.

Respiratory Therapy

Respirational therapy prevents and alleviates troubles connected to breathing. It is important for seniors to know that even minor breathing troubles can become serious illnesses. This type of therapy is highly recommended to seniors experiencing ongoing trouble breathing.

In-Home Senior Therapy

In-home senior therapy represents another option for your loved one. Luxury Home Care is pleased to provide our clients with high-quality in-home senior therapy in Nashville. We help provide the quality of life your loved one deserves while working to keep them healthy, happy, and at home. 

The in-home senior therapy option is perfect for those senior living in rural areas, where nearby options for senior therapy are limited. It is also perfect for those with mobility issues.

The Benefits of Outpatient Senior Therapy in Nashville

Outpatient senior therapy in Nashville offers therapy as needed, but with more flexibility than most other programs. For instance, outpatient senior therapy allows the client to continue to live at home, maintain household and familial duties, and even maintain employment. Therapy sessions can take place during the day, in the evenings, and even during weekends.

Here’s how it works: your loved one visits our treatment facility at specific times throughout the week for therapy, counseling, and other services as part of their personalized treatment plan. Usually, the number of therapy sessions required each week is based on the client’s current progress. 

Outpatient senior therapy benefits those who do not need constant support and supervision, as well as those with only mild to moderate mental health disorders. Here are a few of the many benefits of outpatient senior therapy in Nashville:


One of the main impediments of senior therapy, particularly among older generations, is the shame involved in needing help. Many people struggle with admitting to themselves that they require extra help. Our outpatient senior therapy in Nashville is committed to your loved one’s privacy.


The cost of outpatient senior therapy is significantly less expensive than residential treatment. This is one of the main reasons why people choose outpatient therapy. If other treatments are out of the question financially, outpatient senior therapy represents a more realistic option.


An outpatient program offers the flexibility to maintain one’s responsibilities while working through their therapy. Outpatient senior therapy in Nashville offers the flexibility needed to fulfill the duties and errands of one’s life without sacrificing any of the quality.


One of the keys to effective therapy is a strong community. Our clients often discover a deep sense of community that comes with others’ understanding. This can prove invaluable for one’s mental health, no matter what age.

How Outpatient Therapy Can Help Your Loved One

Outpatient senior therapy in Nashville represents an effective effort to provide care to your loved one. By choosing the outpatient option, you are communicating to your loved one that their needs will be treated without sacrificing the freedom that tends to grow increasingly precious with each passing year.

Of course, the ways in which outpatient senior therapy in Nashville can help your loved one are multi-faceted and varied. One of the main ways it can help your loved one is our hands-on approach. Our outpatient senior therapy professionals design and refine an individualized care plan that is tailored to your loved one’s unique needs. Our licensed professionals are intent on sacrificing none of the specialized care and attention your loved one may need in outpatient senior therapy.

Find Outpatient Senior Therapy in Nashville

If you’re looking to offer your loved one effective outpatient senior therapy in Nashville, Luxury Home Care can help. We provide families with education, resources, and other tools to help your loved one. Once your loved one enters our outpatient senior therapy, we are here to offer customizable therapy programs in an outpatient setting. For more information and assistance in learning how your loved one can benefit from our services, contact us today.

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