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Our hospice near Nashville (and Oak Hill), TN provides the best care for our patients who need it. No one should go through any pains or discomfort in their final moments. At Luxury Home Care, we provide at home hospice care to give our patients the necessary comfort they need. Instead of dealing with the stress of going somewhere for care, hospice in Nashville allows you or your loved one to find peace in your body, mind, and spirit at the comfort of your home.

We understand that not every patient is the same. That is why we provide compassionate and comprehensive services unique to your needs. Our people have a wide range of specialties and expertise to respect your and your family’s wishes of comfort. 

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a specialized type of care where a team of professionals are there to support and care for elders with an anticipated expectancy of six months or less. When all treatments have been exhausted, curing yourself or a loved one should not be the first priority. Comfort and a decrease in stress should be.

This is the main factor of hospice care. Here, we stress the importance of our quality of care and communication with our patients and family members. Care includes periodic visits to patients by our hospice team. The hospice providers are readily available 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

Some elders might think you only need hospice care when bedridden, but that is not the case. Hospice should be considered even before then to gain the benefits hospice care has to offer. Bettering your quality of life is never too late. If there is a decline in physical and/or cognitive state and an increase of pain or weakness around 6 months or less in time, hospice care might be for you. 

The goal of hospice in Nashville or Oak Hill is to forego the physically debilitating treatments and to instead promote comfortability where you call home. At Luxury Home Care, we will provide all you need to ease your life into comfort rather than produce a looming amount of stress through treatments. 

Hospice Care For Serious Illness

Hospice care for those who are ill can help better their lives and possibly live longer too. Anyone with a serious illness can be helped by hospice care. Those with serious illnesses are able to receive hospice in Nashville. Some of the most common illnesses people who receive hospice are: 

  • Dementia
  • Lung disease 
  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Kidney disease 
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Advanced Neurological Disease 
  • Cardiac disease.

There are countless numbers of serious illnesses hospice can care for. At some point treatments will not be able to cure or patients choose not to undergo anymore treatments in the future. If they are still dealing with such serious illnesses, they do not deserve to go through any pain near the end of their life. 

A lot of the time people wait too late to enroll for hospice care. In fact, people sometimes waited 30 days to even seven days before the patient’s time of death to receive hospice care. That is too short of a time frame to get the care anyone needs to live comfortably. Instead of waiting and wondering if you or someone you know needs hospice care, consider enrolling today for our hospice in Nashville. Don’t wait too late for comfort and care thinking you don’t need it. 

What Is Collaborative Hospice Care?

Our caring team provides you with all of your personal needs and preferences during hospice care. Collaborative hospice care not only assists with healthcare coverage, but also home care coordination. In doing so, we also offer non-medicinal pain management to alleviate any pains anyone is going through during hospice in Nashville. 

Our team is not just a group of nurses, but a collaborative team of counselors, therapists, and physicians who work together to bring you the best care possible. Collaborative care has many benefits in hospice care including: 

  • The Quality of care will improve
  • Improving the safety and wellbeing of the patient
  • Home care will be offered with great communication

While comfort in a physical sense is the main priority in hospice care, one can still need comfort emotionally and spiritually. With our collaborative hospice care program, we make sure that there are little to no negative emotions weighing our patients down. Serious illnesses are never easy to deal with or accept, but we are here to help. 

The benefits of collaborative care are always offered in our services. We make sure your needs and preferences are met while going through hospice in Nashville. You, your family, and caregivers will be engaged in the design of your care and in accordance with your personal values.

Why Choose Lux Home Care For Hospice Nashville, TN Care?

Our Luxury Home Care service for hospice in Nashville, TN will care for you at one of the most important moments in your life. No one deserves to endure any pain in their life, especially near the last moments. Understanding what hospice care includes and the benefits of it will help patients find peace in their body and spirit. 

Reducing pain and suffering is the first priority in hospice care, and we provide the best services to do just that. If you or a loved one is tired of any more treatments and wish to live comfortably, contact us today or visit our admissions page to learn more about enrolling for hospice care.

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