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RN Staffing

A trusted Registered Nurse (RN) staffing agency will enable you to quickly fill any vacancy at your hospital, healthcare facility, or nursing home with experienced, professional, and caring RNs. At Luxury Home Care, we are committed to providing the best in in-home care services. Our fully screened and certified RNs are available to assist clients with everyday tasks like eating, bathing, and light housework. Plus, our RNs work with compassion and empathy. Let Luxury Home Care’s in-home RN staffing in Nashville work for you.

What Is In-Home RN Staffing?

In-home RN staffing in Nashville is the provision of licensed, registered nurses to deliver quality in-home care to those who need it. RNs must hold the right mix of education, skills, and nursing experience to ensure that the in-home patient’s needs are being not only met but exceeded.

Depending on the client and their specific needs, the in-home RN may provide simple medication administration, monitoring, and check-up care or more complicated medical treatments and therapies. Also depending on the needs of the person and their medical condition, an in-home RN comes to the client’s home to provide the care they require.

Our select Registered Nurses are required by law to assess the needs of their charges. Once assessed, patients work with the RNs to plan and implement the residents’ care and treatment. They also evaluate the health outcomes of their patients. All RNs must be licensed in the state in which they work and are typically required to have between two and six years of education.

How Do RN Staffing Nashville Programs Help Your Loved One’s Daily Living?

There are many benefits to calling on Luxury Home Care’s RN staffing in Nashville to fulfill your organization’s in-home RN staffing needs. After all, our caregivers are already qualified and dedicated to providing the very best in assistance for your loved one’s daily living. These benefits include:

Providing in-home care with skill, comprehensive patient care planning, expertise, and compassion

One of the largest, most qualified networks of RNs across all home health disciplines and specialties

A cost-effective solution that helps you meet increased demands for in-home care while ensuring positive patient outcomes

Whether they’re helping with personal hygiene or performing home safety evaluations to prevent avoidable accidents, our compassionate, knowledgeable RNs strive to provide convenience, security, and peace of mind.

What Services Do In-Home RNs Provide?

In recent years, an increasing number of healthcare organizations, including hospitals and nursing homes, have been turning to nurse staffing agencies to meet staffing requirements. In-home health is a growing field, fueled by an aging population. Our professional and compassionate in-home RNs are able to meet and exceed the demands of both your organization and the seniors for whom they care.

As licensed and registered nurses, in-home RNs can administer prescribed medications to their patients, even intravenously. While they are not able to prescribe medications, they are able to make changes to the client’s dosage with the approval of a physician. This is an important consideration for those who have specific medications that may be difficult to administer independently.

In-home RNs provide basic medical and personal services like assisting with medication needs, measuring pulse and blood pressure, and help with toileting and bathing. This should not be confused with companion caregivers, who provide little more than non-medical care like meal preparation, light house cleaning tasks, and simple companionship. They usually do not carry out personal care tasks like bathing and toileting. Unlike companion caregivers, RNs must have formal medical training.

Whether they’re helping with personal hygiene or performing home safety evaluations to prevent avoidable accidents, our compassionate, knowledgeable in-home RNs strive to provide convenience, security, and peace of mind. Our in-home RNs provide the following care services:

Personal safety home evaluation

Outpatient care (both pre- and post-op assistance)

Ambulation (help with moving in and around the home)

Bathing, dressing, grooming, and oral hygiene



Companion visits, such as help with correspondence, games, reading, and art activities

Expertise with memory loss, confusion, forgetfulness

Reporting conditions and changes to supervisory RN

How to Know If an In-Home RN Is a Good Choice for Your Loved One

In-home RN staffing in Nashville is the right choice for your loved one if they require intermittent skilled healthcare services like medication administration, wound care, and medical therapies at home. In addition to skilled professional medical care, in-home RNs provide medical monitoring of and observation of the patient’s condition, as well as basic life activity support and simple companionship.

The costs associated with having an in-home RN can be offset, depending on the type of medical coverage your loved one has and whether the medical homecare provider is fully certified. When contacting home healthcare organizations to find the right in-home RN, you may want to ask the following questions:

What is the full range of skilled medical services your in-home RNs can provide?

Do you have licensed and certified RN staff available for the types of services my aging loved one requires?

What is the availability of your staff—weekends, hours of service, emergency services?

Are your RNs Medicare-certified? How do they work with other, private healthcare coverage options?

At Luxury Home Care, we know that being an effective caregiver is all about making sure the person you’re taking care of receives the appropriate level of care.

Find Effective In-Home RN Staffing in Nashville, TN

If you’re looking to offer effective and compassionate in-home RN staffing in Nashville, Luxury Home Care can help. We provide both families and organizations with education, resources, and other tools to help your loved one. For more information and assistance in learning how in-home RN staffing can benefit you, contact us today.

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