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If you are a senior who needs help with everyday activities, home care in Nashville will help you with those daily needs. There are times when you feel the most comfortable at home. Luxury Home Care understands this concern. When you do not wish to live at a senior care facility, we will help you live a safe life by providing in-home care services. Our team will assist you in living independently and safely in your own home. If you are having difficulties moving around your home or desire some companionship if your family is away, Luxury Home Care will provide all the necessary care for you. 

What Is In-Home Care?

Home care in Nashville is a type of non-medical service assisting seniors with their daily activities. Caregivers are not able to administer medications or therapy, but will always offer a helping hand with everyday activities.

Depending on the client’s needs, home care services may be from one hour a week to 24/7. Many seniors choose home care services as their abilities change. They may not be able to or want to move to a facility. Instead, being in the comfort of their home will reduce the stress of being in an unfamiliar place. Additionally, our team aims to also reduce the stress of doing things on their own when they are not able to. 

Not only will our caregivers provide assistance for your body, but we will also assist in grocery shopping and cleaning the home to remove any hazards that may be apparent. If any seniors are having difficulties with their memory, home care is very beneficial in a familiar place and with someone to help with remembering important things. 

Why Is In-Home Care Beneficial?

It might be concerning to some when they hear that 11% of Tennesseans aged 65+ are living alone. However, with home care, it will not feel as though you are alone in your home. There are many benefits to in-home care. A lot of the benefits are the respect and care we provide for our patients. In fact, we offer independence and maximum comfort for all of our clients. 

Another benefit is the personalized care for every one of your non-medical needs. This includes bettering your personal hygiene when you are not able to shower or bathe and anything else you need help with. Additionally, our home care services offer careful and individual attention to our patients. There is no on-and-off service while in home care. We diligently put our patients first and make sure they are getting everything they need each day. This decreases any stress of danger of falling or any other hazardous issues that might arise.

When you are admitted to our home care in Nashville, your overall health will improve as well. You don’t have to stress or burden yourself of any daily responsabilities that are difficult to do. We let your relax and provide a comfortable place to life so you can better your health and quality of life. For example, with meal preparation, our professionals are there to offer nutritious meals and improve your diet while at home. Luxury Home Care’s in-home care service will assist you in benefitting your daily life and health. 

In-Home Care Services 

 Home care in Nashville offers many beneficial services our team will assist our patients in. These services are all non-medical and do not provide therapies as well. However, this does not mean the service is not needed. Mobility problems make every day activities difficult. Thankfully, we are here to help. Our in-home care services include:

  • Bathing
  • Fall prevention
  • Mobility assistance 
  • Transferring and Positioning
  • Meal Planning
  • Transportation
  • Restroom assistance 
  • And more

Home care is necessary for those who find themselves in a challenging situation. Our one-on-one caregivers assist seniors by providing personal care services. Home care has a very thoughtful approach because we do not make someone go to a facility. Instead, we travel to the comfort of your home. As a result, you don’t have to think about transportation or leaving your familiar home. 

If you are a concerned family member who can’t be there for your loved one all the time, let us help decrease that stress. In-home care does not have to be 24/7, but also in times of need when family is away. Our in-home care services will be just what you need. No service is the same for every patient. We will cater to your individual daily needs everytime. 

How To Pay For In-Home Care

Paying for home care in nashville can be difficult out-of-pocket. There are various insurance plans through Medicare that will help you pay for certain services. Depending on what plan you choose or currently have, you will be able to pay for home care at no cost or at a low-cost. Contacting your insurance agency to know what you currently have will help you understand the payment process. 

It’s also important to know that medicare plans and insurance assistance depends upon which state your reside in. If you need to know detailed information about financial assistance and how to pay for home care services, Paying for Senior Care has a webpage dedicated to financial information and assistance for Tennessee residents. 

Luxury Home Care accepts certain insurance plans and coverage for services. If you or a loved one needs more information about paying for home care in Nashville, contact your insurance agency today. We will also assist you in what we cover and accept when you contact us for more information about our services. In-home care should be available to everyone who needs it. Therefore, don’t let the paying process hinder you from receiving beneficial service. 

Home Care Nashville

Living independently as a senior can be challenging. Especially when family is not there all the time. When this happens, 1ethere are many dangers that can happen when living alone as a senior. Thankfully, Luxury Home Care is there for you. Our home care in Nashville or Murfreesboro, Tennessee will be there to help with daily responsibilities that are challenging to finish or do. Maybe you have mobility problems, or want to live in your home for as long as possible, our team will be there to assist you everyday. If you or a loved one needs assistance at home, contact us or visit our admissions page today to get the care you need. 

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