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Our senior care team in Nashville, Tennessee provides quality and compassionate care for you or your loved one.

It can be challenging to find the right accommodations and care for your loved ones as they get older. Though there are many options for assisted living available for those who may need more assistance near Nashville and the surrounding areas, having to uproot one’s life and move can be both financially and emotionally draining. For seniors who want to maintain their independence, while still receiving the care they need to live a healthy lifestyle, Luxury Home Care offers in-home assisted living near Nashville, Oak Hill and Brentwood.

Home Based Assisted Living

As you get older, the amount of assistance you need to complete everyday tasks, and to take care of yourself, is likely to increase. It is important to remember that this difficulty is a natural occurrence that many people experience, and that it is okay to ask for help. For the elderly population, the process of finding the right accommodations and assistance during times of struggle can be overwhelming and tiring. In addition to this, families of loved ones who are getting older may not have the resources or time to provide the proper assistance and care seniors need to maintain their health and well-being. This is why many seniors and their families decide to pursue a form of assisted living.

Traditionally, assisted living establishments such as nursing homes, require seniors to completely move out of their current residence, and into a living space at their facilities. Though this is a valid option for some families, the process of relocating and leaving behind one’s previous life, can lead many to feel a loss of independence in their lives. A significant part of our sense of self comes from the environment that we choose to live in, which is why traditional nursing homes and assisted living facilities may not be the right choice for some seniors.

For all of these reasons, If you are in need of an assisted living option that is convenient and flexible with your schedule, seeking in-home assisted living near Nashville may be the right fit for you. Rather than having to sacrifice your current living arrangements to move into a care facility, Luxury Home Care offers the same services that traditional assisted living facilities provide, but at your own residence instead.

The Benefits of In-Home Assisted Living Services

As mentioned above, Luxury Home Care offers in-home assisted living services for seniors who want to receive care and assistance from the comfort of their own homes. The primary benefit of this is that one does not have to completely relocate to an assisted living facility. Instead, our staff members will come to you, and perform the individualized services you need to maintain the lifestyle that works best for you.

Additionally, in-home services are not only convenient for the client, but their families as well. Often, when a person finds that they are no longer able to complete everyday tasks quite like they used to, those who are in their family will come to their aid.

This assistance typically takes the form of either transporting them to where they need to go, or completing their everyday tasks for them. However, in some cases, families may be limited in the amount of support that they can provide for their loved ones, due to other obligations and responsibilities they may already have, like having to go to work. This can make driving seniors back and forth from doctor’s appointments difficult to do consistently. This can be especially difficult if the senior needs to attend appointments multiple times a week. With our offerings of in-home assisted living near Nashville, you can rest assured that all of your loved one’s health and wellbeing related needs will be met.

Services We Offer

Whether you are in need of a caregiver to take care of everyday tasks and chores, or a medical professional to provide you treatment for health issues, Luxury Home Care has got you covered with in-home assisted living near Nashville. Our professionally trained staff members are dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and convenient in-home assisted living experience.

The services that we provide to our clients are similar to those offered by traditional assisted living facilities. Some of these services include the following:

  • Home Care

  • Hospice
  • Memory Care
  • Senior Living Therapy
  • Dining Services
  • Medication Management
  • Transportation
  • Outpatient Therapy
  • Caregiving Services
Each of the previously listed services we offer to our clients are home based, which means that our professional and highly trained staff members are able to meet a client at their residence, and provide the needed assistance.

Our Approach to Care

At Luxury Home Care, we believe that you should not have to sacrifice your current living arrangements to receive the assistance and care you need. That is why we dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with home-based services that are designed to be a comfortable alternative to traditional forms of assisted living and care. Rather than having to commute or move to specialized facilities to meet your needs, our dedicated and professional staff members will come to your residence at your convenience. Through our services, our clients are able to maintain control of their own lives and surroundings, giving them the confidence boost they need to stay positive and healthy.

In-Home Assisted Living Near Nashville

If you are searching for in-home assisted living near Nashville, TN, Luxury Home Care is here to help. Our home based services are designed to meet your specific lifestyle needs, whether you need medical treatment, therapy, or a caregiver to assist you with your everyday tasks and responsibilities. Our number one priority is your overall wellness, which is why we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality in-home assisted living services around. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your health and everyday needs will be in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to helping you maintain your independence, while still receiving the care you need. For more information about the home based senior services we offer, as well as other ways we can accommodate your needs, contact us today.

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Home Care

In-home care services allow a person to get the assistance they need without leaving the comfort of their own home. Luxury Home Care in Nashville, Tennessee offers customized plans to fit the needs of our clients and their loved ones. Our services will ensure that you get the care you need to make your daily life as easy as possible.

End of Life Support

Most people feel more at ease in the familiarity of their own home, where family and the things they love surround them. Our end-of-life support services ensure that your loved one has the highest possible quality of life during their final days. We also support the family throughout this difficult time.

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Concierge Services

Concierge services from Luxury Home Care can enhance your loved one’s quality of care whether they live at home, in a retirement community, or in an assisted living facility. These services offer an additional layer of support when your loved one is out in the community. 

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