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How To Celebrate The Holidays with a Senior

Change is a way of life, and creating new traditions is a part of accepting change. Still, families getting together is what the holidays are all about. It is essential to make your loved ones feel valued and included. The most successful holiday celebrations meet everyone’s desires and needs.

A vital consideration is determining your loved ones’ holiday schedule already in place. Your goal to celebrate the holidays with a senior reinforces familial love and care for their loved one. Respecting one’s new living arrangements and including their desires and hopes in the holiday season shows how much you care.

If your loved one lives alone, evaluate their feelings concerning the holidays. Many seniors feel lonely and isolated, even when surrounded by neighbors, friends, or a team of care professionals. Not knowing how to celebrate the holidays these days can cause anxiety, depression, or fear of the unknown. Visiting your loved one to discuss what is essential for them during the holidays can reveal their thoughts and feelings as new traditions begin.

Celebrating the Holidays Inside a Senior’s Home

New living arrangements for seniors may present challenges in how to celebrate the holidays. However, communication with your loved one is critical, and surprising your loved one wind end up creating problems. The following suggestions create opportunities for smooth sailing.

Decorating Their Living Space

The holiday spirit may be essential for your senior loved ones, but sometimes they may just want to keep things simple. The family must remember that their loved one’s way of life calls for an adjustment on many levels. For instance, ask your loved one how they want to celebrate the holidays. Did they save favorite decorations that hold special memories, or do they need new decorations to meet their needs?

After details are set, plan on fulfilling their wishes. Then play holiday music and bring cookies while putting the plan in place. Creating new traditions is exciting. It is possible to celebrate the holidays without problems when everyone shares input and feels involved. Adding a designated “space of honor” to display holiday cards that will be delivered is a helpful finishing touch.

Join in Community Festivities

Some seniors attend activities at their church or local community center. Some of the activities there may include family and friends. Ask your loved one if they would feel comfortable if you joined in these celebrations. Participating in these holiday events could be a tradition in the making.

When is it Appropriate to Bring Loved Ones Home for the Holidays?

Loved ones experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s symptoms may be difficult to handle outside their environment. Being removed from familiar surroundings could agitate or disorient them, and without help from their knowledgeable caretakers, it could get difficult. Therefore, it may be the best bet for everyone to celebrate the holidays with a senior where they live.

Unfortunately, most loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s are not in a simple situation. Listening to holiday music and seeing old family photos may be the perfect activity for them. Keeping the visit low-key tends to be more enjoyable for seniors experiencing cognitive decline. A simple decorative gift and a quiet, loving visit could be the ideal way to celebrate the memory care.

On the other hand, many seniors enjoy traveling out of their homes. Therefore, asking them if they would like to celebrate the holidays at your house could be a good idea. Again, communication is the main success factor. And setting boundaries or time limits on a visit can help everyone feel more comfortable.

Another fascinating venture is visiting landmark restaurants, town squares, or significant parks loved in times past. Offering a ride through town or having dessert in their favorite place could be a welcome addition to the holiday visit. Checking out holiday light shows or exquisitely decorated neighborhoods can also bring back memories from the past. There is no one way to celebrate the holidays with a senior.

Gifts and Food, It’s Best to Keep it Simple

Holiday gifts need to be memorable and straightforward. Homemade calendars, a comfy throw blanket, warm socks, or framed pictures of loved ones are helpful and blend effortlessly into a living space. Gifts and food are ways people celebrate the holidays, but they need to be kept within a subtle and simple measure.

Food-related gifts should be small and of high quality. Your loved one could be watching their diet, and spicy foods could upset their health. Traditional baked goods are a great idea, in small portions.

Find Help with Celebrating the Holidays in Nashville, TN

With the advent of assisted living communities, memory care facilities, nursing homes, and home senior care, a vast unknown exists. Lux Home Care in Nashville can make recommendations and help you determine the extent of your holiday celebrations. Contact us to get your questions answered today.

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