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We offer a wide range of health services.

With the ever-increasing population of seniors in the region and the growing demand for services, it can be challenging to find a provider that meets an individual’s needs. Fortunately, Luxury Home Care is here to provide reliable and compassionate at-home senior care for Nashville’s aging population. We understand that each client has a unique set of circumstances. Therefore, our professionals will work with each person to develop an individualized plan tailored specifically to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of each client.

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Home Health

The professional caregivers of Luxury Home Care are committed to providing a comprehensive suite of at-home senior care in Nashville that is guided by state, federal, and local regulations. Also, our licensed, committed caregivers offer a unique brand of individualized, compassionate care.


Because we recognize that loved ones have their own needs, we take pride in providing a comprehensive range of hospice services. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures clients receive end-of-life services that adhere to the client’s and family’s wishes.

Memory Care

As leading experts in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, people trust Luxury Home Care to make their loved ones’ lives as comfortable as possible. Because of the progressive nature of these conditions, we create a customized home care plan that evolves as your loved one’s needs change.

at home senior care

Senior Living Therapy

Our senior living therapy options all offer assistance, socialization, and peace of mind to those who most need it. Each of our therapies has a different purpose and can be utilized on either a short-term or long-term basis.


Luxury Home Care’s dining services are held to the highest quality standards. Is your loved one on a special diet? Cutting the carbs? That’s fine by us—we’re capable of customizing the menu for just one diner.

Medication Management

It’s not uncommon for seniors to be prescribed one or several medications as they get older. These range from simple vitamin supplements to focused medications for chronic illnesses. However, no matter the prescription, we know how important it is that your loved one’s medication management is done right.

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Transportation contributes to the independence of older adults. Without it, the ability to access healthcare, food, pharmacy, shopping, and social interaction is impossible. However, with Luxury Home Care, clients get where they want to go safely and efficiently.

Outpatient Therapy

Our outpatient therapy services provide your loved one with a personalized plan of action in physical, speech, and occupational therapies. Each individualized treatment plan is designed to help seniors overcome functional, physical, or communicative challenges.

CNA Staffing

Our Certified Nursing Assistants are passionate about providing compassionate care to seniors living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Our CNAs are more than capable of assisting in the activities of daily living with grace and warmth.

RN Staffing

Our Registered Nurses provide a wide spectrum of compassionate senior care. As the needs of your loved one change, we change as well, offering the right level of care for wherever your loved one might be.

Home Care

Luxury Home Care is pleased to provide our clients with the highest-quality at-home senior care in Nashville. We help provide the quality of life your loved one deserves while working to keep them healthy, happy, and at home.

end of life care


Our caregivers’ number one goal is to allow your loved ones to stay at home, aging in place gracefully while maintaining their independence and dignity. We provide compassionate care that is tailored to the unique needs of those we serve.


Companion care provides emotional support and companionship for seniors who are generally healthy and who want to remain independent at home. Luxury Home Care provides this service with the goal of empowering your loved one to continue enjoying life.

At-home Senior Care in Nashville, TN

If you’re considering at-home senior care in Nashville, TN, Luxury Home Care can help. We provide professional home care services for seniors in the comfort of their own homes. Our caregivers are compassionate and experienced, and they can help with a variety of tasks, from light housekeeping to personal care. Ultimately, with our services, your loved one can maintain their independence and quality of life.

If you have a loved one who needs personalized at-home senior care in Nashville, TN, contact us today to discuss your needs and concerns.

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