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Home health care presents a viable and attractive care option for seniors on the mend from recent injuries or surgical procedures. It is also available to those managing acute or chronic health conditions, who have limited to no transportation options. It’s a convenient option for those looking to get professional medical care and support in a comfortable home setting. Read on to learn about the benefits of our home health care near Brentwood made available by Luxury Home Care in Nashville.

About Brentwood

Brentwood is located in what is known as Middle Tennessee, about a 20-minute drive south of Nashville. It is one of the largest cities in Williamson County, which boasts a population of just over 240,000 people. (About 32,000 are aged 65 and over.)

As Nashville’s suburban population has increased in recent years, Williamson County has transformed from mostly rural to somewhat cosmopolitan. It is one of the richest counties in Tennessee, owing to the high proportion of celebrities with part- or full-time residences there. From 1990 to 2000, Williamson County’s population increased by more than 56%. This growth occurred in Brentwood as well as nearby Franklin, the county seat.

According to a recent study by the Sheps Center for Health Services Research, Tennessee ranked second among states to close the most rural hospitals since 2005, with 16 rural hospital closings. That amounts to a loss of more than 600 dedicated hospital beds. What’s more, ​​18 of the state’s 25 essential access rural hospitals remain at a high risk of closure, the Tennessee Health Care Campaign cites.

The Volunteer State’s refusal to expand Medicaid means two things. First, its rural hospitals must deal with high levels of uninsured residents who live in rural areas and secondly, help uninsured residents who are disproportionately chronically ill. With so many facilities closing their doors in and around Brentwood, the need for home health care around the Brentwood area has only grown.

Home Healthcare Brentwood can provide healthcare services directly to your home.

What is Home Health Care?

Home health care enables seniors to live independently while recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. Its main feature is that it offers visitations from skilled and compassionate nurses and medical professionals. These professionals help the patient regain their strength and vigor while recovering from their ailments.

Home health care should not be confused with home care. Home health care involves the treatment of the patient’s medical needs, while home care merely provides ongoing support to people who need help maintaining their daily routines at home.

This type of care includes:

  • Medical assessments
  • Monitoring health status
  • Wound care
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Medication management and administration of prescription medicines
  • Mobility assessments and fall prevention

Of course, the specific type of home health care patients receive depends on their individual needs. For example, if someone is recovering from knee surgery, a physical therapist would be appropriate. Effective home health care starts with a diagnosis and assessment of the patient’s needs.

Along with providing general rehab options, we offer home-based services for people who may be recovering from the following:

  • Surgeries (gastrointestinal, orthopedic, or any other general surgery)
  • Severe symptoms of chronic conditions
  • Rapid onset health issues requiring medical attention or supervision

Home Health Care Brentwood can help you heal in a safe and comfortable environment.

Luxury’s Home Health Services

Along with general home health care services, we offer home-based services to those in recovery involving the following issues:

  • Speech. Luxury Home Care professionals strive to effectively diagnose and treat any difficulties speaking or eating with individualized speech and language therapies.
  • Occupational. Arthritic pain can be debilitating. Through occupational therapy, patients will be empowered to complete activities and regain control of their movements.
  • Physical. For those recovering from an injury, or struggling with other physical ailments, the physical therapists of Luxury Home Care can help patients regain strength and confidence as they recover.
  • Nursing. Thanks to our comprehensive assessments and personalized brand of care, our nursing services keep the patient’s specific needs top of mind.

Home Healthcare Brentwood can help you to heal safely and effectively.

The Benefits of Home Health Care Near Brentwood, TN

Home health care benefits seniors recovering from injuries or managing health conditions in countless ways. Among the benefits of home health care near Brentwood, Tennessee:

Comfort and Stability

The first and most apparent benefit of home health care—as opposed to receiving care in a clinical setting—is that the patient will be comfortable. The home environment inspires feelings of stability and comfort. Such feelings promote healing and acceptance. In fact, a 2019 study published in The American Journal of Accountable Care suggests that seniors tend to recover from emergency department visits faster, and with fewer complications, at home than in a hospital.


Home health care is highly convenient. Having to plan and execute a commute to a care facility is likely to add stress to not just the patient but the caregiver, since it is unlikely the patient can drive. Moreover, home health care eliminates the stressors of figuring out the best routes to the facility, fighting traffic, finding parking, and locating the appropriate provider’s office. Not only does the elimination of these stressors benefit the patient, it is also likely to result in a more cheerful outlook regarding their care.

Personalized Care

Home health care around Brentwood is ideal for the kind of one-on-one attention that many seniors—and people in general—appreciate from caregivers. The sense of trust that comes from home healthcare relationships makes for a more effective treatment. The patient becomes more open to recommendations. In addition, the personalized nature of home health care minimizes the possibility of harmful drug interactions.

A woman enjoying home healthcare Brentwood services.

Find Home Healthcare Near Brentwood, TN

If you or a loved one faces a severe diagnosis, chronic condition, or is just struggling with the challenges of aging in place, Luxury Home Healthcare can address any questions or concerns you might have. We understand how difficult and emotionally charged the decision to seek home health care around Brentwood can be. Plus, we have options available in our community for all levels of care.

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